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From our ingredients to where you can find us, we love to answer your questions about MARS.

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  1. Q:

    Where can I purchase MARS products?


    MARS is available in a range of different retailers from large supermarkets to small independent retailers. Larger stores will often have a larger selection of our MARS range.

  2. Q:

    Where can I find MARS products online?


    Most supermarkets with an online delivery options will have a variety of MARS products available to purchase.

  3. Q:

    As a small retailer, can I purchase your products directly?


    To get the best prices, you'd be better visiting your local wholesaler / shop. If they don't stock the product you're looking for, you can ask them to order it for you.

  4. Q:

    Do you test on animals?


    In the day-to-day development of our chocolate, gum, confectionery, food, drinks, and pet care products we do not undertake, support, or sponsor studies that harm animals. Please read our Animal Research Policy for more details: